Question: Mythic/Legendary Minerals

Another question: I’ve been thinking about flora and fauna from myth and legend for an urban fantasy worldbuild.  In the process, I’ve thought about mythic/legendary minerals too.  Unfortunately, my research has stalled after orichalcum.  Any suggestions?

5 comments on “Question: Mythic/Legendary Minerals

  1. calmgrove says:

    All I can think of just now are some mines in Silberberg’s metal-poor Majipoor, but these may just be for iron or such. You’ve got me puzzling…


    • calmgrove says:



    • lordtaltos says:

      That’s been my problem. Finding fictional metals/minerals has been easy, but I’ve been looking for more from myths and legends. So far, things like “sky iron” (meteoric iron) and electrum (known alloy) have been coming up, but aren’t what I’m looking for, since we know what they are and they really exist. Orichalcum, on the other hand, appears to be merely legend, which is what I’m looking for.


      • calmgrove says:

        Fair enough. There must be stuff in medieval European and Middle Eastern tales, like the mythical carbuncle in the walls or gates of Paradise. Again, I’ll have a ponder.


  2. lordtaltos says:

    I’m thinking I may just take things we’ve explained (sky iron) and say the mundane explanation is “false”, plus add some original ones.


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