Question: Genre Related

So, here’s something I’ve been thinking about, figured I’d throw it out to the readership:

In our post-Star Wars society (e.g. after 1977), in your opinion is it possible for a writer to use laser swords/plasma swords/force swords (whatever alt. name for a lightsaber you want) and not look like they’re “ripping off” Lucas?

That’s with or without a group of monastic warriors using them.

4 comments on “Question: Genre Related

  1. calmgrove says:

    I would think not. Lightsabers were an original variant of all those laser pistols that once seemed to dominate popular SF. The little sword-and-sorcery I’ve read seems to favour ordinary blades, albeit made perhaps with some unique metal. Which no doubt leads to the subject of your next post…


  2. lordtaltos says:

    The earliest example I can find is 1933, of debatable connection. Then Leiber (1943) and Asimov (1944).


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