Guest Blogger: Lord Taltos’s review of The Wee Free Men

Guest book review

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“I don’t know a single spell. I don’t even have a pointy hat. My talents are an instinct for making cheese and not running around panicking when things go wrong. Oh, and I’ve got a toad.”

-Terry Pratchett, The Wee Free Men

I first read this book because I’ve been a fan of Sir Terry Pratchett for decades. Until Wee Free Men, I’d just read his novels for adults, but the story of a young witch-to-be sounded fun, especially in his hands. The plot should be familiar to fans, particularly those who have read Lords & Ladies. Even so, it takes a fun and, often, serious ride through a different part of the Discworld.

The book is about nine year old Tiffany Aching and her introduction to the world of witchcraft. Her adventure begins as the Queen (elf) tries once again to sneak her way into the Disc through a…

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