Macromultiverse & Micromultiverse: More Multiverse Mayhem

Ok, I apparently love multiverses. Probably because I get more setting inspiration than story inspiration, but have a compulsion to avoid starting something new before I finish the first thing if possible. This seems to lead to mashing settings together, usually with epic levels of failure. Then, I discovered multiverses, or at least decided to start playing with them. Which leads to my title.

In yet another major world build, I’m setting up another multiverse. This time it is a multiverse composed solely of alternate versions of Earth. Time passes at the same rate in every Earth, so if it is 2013 in Earth A, it is also 2013 (or equivalent) in Earth B. Despite this, there are different levels of technological development, social development, magic, lifeforms, etc. So far, most are just Earth, or part of Earth. But, some involve other sub-dimensions or microverses. So, I’m calling them micromultiverses (made up of a limited number of dimensions) within a macromultiverse. Fun.

Actually, this is fun so far. My mind, imagination, and inspiration can run free and go wild. On the other hand, there is definite room for frustration and problems to occur. The idea is certainly complex and potentially problematic in terms of development (just how detailed to go into each Earth or sub-dimension, for instance). Essentially, some of these are simple alternate Earths, others are kind of like nesting dolls where looking beneath one layer opens up dozens of others.

One comment on “Macromultiverse & Micromultiverse: More Multiverse Mayhem

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