Inspiration Question

Where do you writers out there find yourself being inspired for worldbuilds, stories, etc.?

Personally, I find I tend to start with a scene, a place, or an organization. The world seems to start building itself around those, as somewhere that the scene could happen, the place could exist, or the organization could have spawned in.

This is totally not filler because I can’t think of a post because I’m working on three world builds right now.

Totally not filler.

One comment on “Inspiration Question

  1. calmgrove says:

    I’ve not yet begun the process of worldbuilding (though I’ve often thought about it) but it reminds me of the ancient Art of Memory which, as I’m sure you know, was prized for its use in rhetoric (which, after all, is only another form of narrative). In this system key images representing stages in the argument were mentally placed in successive niches, the whole argument then being ‘read’ in sequence from beginning to end.

    The Art of Memory system is a good if limited parallel to the process of worldbuilding where the mental summoning up of a wall or triumphal arch with its niches waiting to be filled is similar to the more complex creation of an environment in which events can happen and people interact.


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