Prologue #1

Missed updating yesterday. But, here’s a little prologue I wrote up a couple weeks ago. The world it was meant for has undergone fundamental changes in the creation process, so it doesn’t fit anymore, but it could be useful elsewhere

Prologue #1

We thought magic was a hoax, a superstition of ancient man.

At the very least, we thought the magic was dead and gone. We thought technology was our only way forward as a species.

We were wrong.

In the early twenty-first century, magic returned to the world and everything was changed. Technology failed instantly. Communications and electricity died, showing just how weak and fragile, dependent, we had become as both individuals and a society. By the third day, there were riots. The police force was massively outnumbered and their guns, cars, and security systems wouldn’t work. Before the national guard could get word from the capital and assemble, it was too late . . . the local and state governments had collapsed.

It wasn’t until the fourth or fifth day that we noticed the other problems. People were changing. In hindsight, the brains say that magic’s return reactivated latent genes, causing virtually instant genetic modification in adults and children. The results were strange, or so they seemed at the time. Today, you kids don’t even look twice at a hulking eight foot man with a bull’s head or a woman shooting streams of fire out of her fingertips. Back then, they were a source of fear and made good, inhuman, scapegoats. Looking back, there’s a lot we did back then that shames us now.

We assume the story was more or less the same everywhere. What we’ve managed to piece together from stories told by travelers seems to confirm our assumptions. When communication lines were, sporadically, reopened a few months later, we received more confirmation. The federal government collapsed as well. So far as we could tell, every national government around the world fell. Humanity was back in a sort of Dark Ages, with local warlords and only local government.

That was thirty, forty years ago, kinda hard to tell exactly in the chaos that followed the fall . . . sorry, they tell me it’s called Oroboros Day now. As good a name as any, I guess, a continuous cycle, as the old world ended, a new world began.

-Elias Toban, Oroboros Day survivor, interview

One comment on “Prologue #1

  1. calmgrove says:

    It really whets your appetite, making you want to know more, so … excellent!


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