Inspiration 1

Inspiration 1

Inisheer Island landscape, taken in 2008; a photo I’ve been inspired by quite a bit for writing.  All of the stone walls are made of native stone that had to be moved to clear the fields thousands of years ago.


3 comments on “Inspiration 1

  1. calmgrove says:

    I’ve only seen photos of this kind of Irish walling in the context of settlements. Here it all looks what it is: very ancient walling (from the Bronze Age?) presumably maintained over the millennia. Interesting technique of drystone walling, called random when used as facing in an English urban environment (and usually pointed). Very inspiring, as you say, and not a little humbling.


    • lordtaltos says:

      The village is down the slope (to the photo’s right). Most of the sections were empty, but a few were being grazed by wooly cows and a couple sheep. Off to the left, the island becomes barren rock. We walked most of the island and back to the quay in a couple hours.


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