Why am I Doing This?

I hit one of those “Why am I doing this to myself” moments a few minutes ago.

I realized that, in my current worldbuilding project, I’m now more or less simultaneously working on elements of three multiverses.  That is, I’m effectively thinking about them simultaneously and taking notes on each to one degree or another, some days more one than the others.  Current sub-projects are:

1) Extensive expansion of a dimension in Multiverse I.

2) Earth and the rest of the solar system in Multiverse III (sort of an homage to pulp era sci-fi, of the days of Edgar Rice Burroughs and company but somewhat updated for 21st century social changes, especially re: women).  Haven’t decided if Earth knows about the multiverse, yet.

3) Starting one location and wrapping up a second in Multiverse IV.  Earth does not know about the multiverse, but I’m developing a multiverse locale anyway thanks to that damnable thing called Inspiration.

This is in addition to the nearly 37,000 words already produced regarding Multiverses I and IV.

P.S. After looking at my blog stats, my new blog goal is to get visitors from Canada and Mexico, to fill North America.  And visitors from South America and Africa, so I can cover all the continents.  This could be sleep dep talking.  🙂


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