Where I’m Coming From

Just figured I’d toss out a bit of context on where I’m coming from with writing (and worldbuilding, I guess).

To date, I’ve been a tech writer for a NASA contractor, a freelance writer for SJGames’ Pyramid magazine (essays based on reader submitted questions), a college English instructor, a book reviewer for a couple scholarly journals (SF and Fantasy focused), a freelancer for eHow, a member of the editorial board for a scholarly journal (general literature, history, and philosophy), and an editorial assistant for another scholarly journal (Chaucer era focus).

In addition, my published work also includes a fantasy short story (in a small magazine that only existed for a year), a few articles in scholarly journals (on Harry Turtledove and J.K. Rowling), and a book on modern fantasy werewolves due out from McFarland later this year.  Plus numerous unpublished fantasy and science fiction short stories and novellas, some of which I’ve posted online at various places and might migrate over here eventually.

So, my writing background is all over the place.  My worldbuilding mostly comes from my reading interests and gaming background (I started tabletop RPGs with my cousins when I was about four or five, roughly 30 years ago).


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